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Work within available means – just like we have to

Stuart Kimball of Woolomin says people in outlying villages are under too much pressure – and seeing too little benefit – to sustain a rate rise.

Enough, Mr Mayor!

As a ratepayer I will not support any further rate (tax) rises.

I am utterly weary of a multitude of both public and private corporations financing their expansion plans by removing money from the pockets of those that do not use these “new and improved” facilities.

Please Mr Murray, detail the benefits that those ratepayersin council’s outlying villageswill receive from their increased contributions.

Woolomin has been in existence since 1885, yet still no footpaths, no kerbing or guttering, no sewerage or reticulated water.

No doubt the unpaved streets will also stay unattended and council will impose a fee when and if they ever spare a few shekels to implement improvements, even though we will be paying your increased rates.

Stop with the empire-building, the “jobs for the boys”’ and provide the services as required within the means available – just as we, the public, have to do on a daily basis.

Your $2 a week has to be added to the other demands on our budgets as follows: per week, local newspaper $10, power service charge $10.85, phone landline service charge $7.50, current rates $13.50, onsite sewage inspection fee $9.20, mobile phone (no service in Woolomin) $7, wireless internet NBN $19.81, car registration and greenslip $15.90, car insurance $11.50 and house insurance $15.50.

Most people will agree that these costs are fixed and cannot be avoided in our modern world.

They will also note that they represent the bare minimum, compared to other areas.

A grand total of $120.76 per week, excluding your proposed increase!

In the event that you and your councillors have not noticed, the dry weather and other economic factors have placed extreme pressure on the budgets of all of us.

This means there is not $2 to give, so shelve your Big City plans, as we have to, and live within your budget, too.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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