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Devastating earthquake remembered

SHAKEN: Julie Baird in the Newcastle Museum’s earthquake exhibition. Picture: Ryan OslandTHE Newcastle Museum will host an earthquake exhibition 25 years after it shook Newcastle.

Earthquake Then & Now will open on December 2 and feature 25 photos, one for each year since the earthquake hit Newcastle in 1989.

The exhibition depicts photographs taken during the disaster, from medics assisting people, to clean-up crews, a baby being born and the aid concert, being held by either the subject or someone close to them today.

Many of the original photos were taken by Newcastle Herald staff and it was the job of the deputy director of the museum, Julie Baird, to track down the subjects of the photos.

“I got to a point where I just couldn’t find the people, so I went to Facebook,” she said.

Ms Baird believes the exhibition portrays the disaster in a compassionate way for people to remember.

“It’s actual people telling their own story.”

People who have shared their stories for the exhibition will be invited to the opening as a thank you.

The exhibition will run from December 2 until February 8 and is sponsored by Headjam and the Newcastle Herald.

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